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Grass Punching Skirts
Punch Skirts are designed to be used with your favorite texas rigged soft plastics. They add a new and unique look to your old stand-by texas rigs! They give you the advantage by allowing to really get through the slop and come out clean!
Without Rattles: $2.49
With Rattles: $2.69
Price Each:
LI Bama Bug
Bluegill PM
NE Green Pumpkin Candy
Killer Craw PM
Candied Sour Grape
real_deal_custom_tackle2018010027.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010026.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010025.jpg
Photos are Examples Only. These can be done in ANY color. Your imagination is your only limit!
The Jackhammer (Tungsten)
The Jackhammer is a skirted Tungsten Slip Sinker that combines your skirt with your weight. Just as the punch skirt does, it allows you to fish a jig presentation with the weedless properties of a Texas Rig!
Price Each:
3/8th: $3.75
1/2oz: $4.50
3/4oz: $5.75
real_deal_custom_tackle2018010023.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010022.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010021.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010020.jpg
JB's Trick or Treat
Winter Solstice
Baby Gator
Pond Perch
real_deal_custom_tackle2018010019.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010018.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010017.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010016.jpg
Old Faithful HIN
Rusty Craw
Grave Digger HIN
1oz: $6.50
1 1/4oz: $7.25
1 1/2oz: $8.25
real_deal_custom_tackle2018010015.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010014.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010013.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010012.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010011.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010010.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010009.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010008.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010007.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010005.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010004.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010003.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010002.jpg real_deal_custom_tackle2018010001.jpg
Old Faithful
Missouri Craw
Grave Digger
Arkansas Craw
Desert Storm
Melon Rind
Mad Craw
Phantom Craw
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Punch Skirts/ Jackhammer
Skirt Colors
Shakey Heads
Buzz Baits
These are examples of ALL of our colors on the website. ANY bait can be done in any color.